How to reduce food waste

How to Reduce Food Waste in the Home Food waste is such a big problem in UK homes. Take a look at these shocking statistics. In the UK alone, 8.4m people in the UK struggle to afford a meal. In the world roughly one-third of the food produced in the world for human consumption gets lost or wasted every year. [ 231 more words ]

Give Your Monthly Household Budget the Makeover it Deserves

A timesaving takeaway here, a boredom-relieving trip to the cinema there, before you know it, a few family treats have made a serious dent in your monthly budget and you’re all resigned to staying in and eating toast for the rest of the month! Whether you want to fund a big family trip like a holiday to Disney in Florida or you’d simply like to have a little left over in your account as a contingency fund for emergencies, let’s take a look at how you can review and reshape your household’s monthly budget. [ 935 more words ]

4 tips for traveling to Ibiza with kids - baby budgeting

Even though Ibiza is probably most famous for its summer-long parties and exciting night life, this actually only applies to the main towns of Ibiza and San Antonio in peak-season. Other areas of the island provide a calm and peaceful family-friendly environment all year long, with beautiful sandy beaches and many activities which the whole family can enjoy – everything from glass-bottomed boat rides, hiking and biking, to adventure- and waterparks. [ 591 more words ]

Molly Brown Jewellery

Molly Brown London is a children’s jewellery brand. It is a stylish, exquisite British brand the sell classic keepsake girls jewellery. I urge you to go and have a peek at their collection. it is gorgeous. The collections are award winning and the Molly Brown gift wrap is described as some of the best in the industry. We were recently sent a little piece from their collection for my daughter and oh it is just so lovely. [ 92 more words ]


OOh have a peek at mummybay for all your second hand baby stuff

Best 6 Tips to Know Before Purchasing a Mattress - baby budgeting

Every once in a while, we have to replace certain household goods – appliances, beds, mattresses or whatever gets broken or too old to use. But when you’re on a strict budget, such investments may come as a burden. Take mattresses, for instance: they aren’t exactly cheap, especially if we want a quality product. And I advocate for top-notch products, in this case, considering the amount of time we spend sleeping (which is about a third of our lives). [ 543 more words ]

How to be energy efficient this winter

Read my article on the EDF Energy Energywise blog talking about how you can be energy efficient this winter' EDF EDF Energy

Heart Plant

Thrifty little Valentines gift idea

Vinyl for beginners

Vinyl for beginners Maybe you are brand new to vinyl and think it’s a medium of music you might really like to discover and explore. Maybe you have vague memories of your parents much loved vinyl collection and fancy starting your own? These beautiful record players are from Rockitfollow My story goes that until I was about 12 we only had a record player and we wore it out! [ 424 more words ]

Can you afford to keep your savings in cash?

Can you afford to keep your savings in cash? A brilliant article by Maflingo

Poundworld Stationery Haul

There is an amazing half price sale on already SUPER CHEAP stationery at Poundworld

Ways to save money in your bedroom - baby budgeting

Ways to save money in your bedroom When it comes to designing the bedroom of your dreams it can be very tempting to get carried away. Looking at home design magazines in stores, showroom or on interior design blogs can really give you some fabulous and inspiring ideas. It can also make your eyes water at the price. It can be astoundingly expensive to do up a bedroom. [ 366 more words ]

Transform your home on a budget

Transform your home on a budget using cushions Little things can make such a big difference in life, can’t they? It is amazing how they can transform it. Perhaps it is through someone sending you a thank you note, giving you a big bright smile on a dreary day, seeing a rose on a desolate path and a rainbow in a grey sky. [ 405 more words ]

3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Bank - baby budgeting

Choosing a bank can be a real chore, so much so that many of us open a bank account as teenagers or young adults and then simply never bother to change. However, when the time eventually comes to open a new account and choose a new bank, it will help to have some idea of the things that you should be looking out for. [ 506 more words ]

Budget cruises with kids - a loook at the benefits of cruises for kids

Have you ever been on a cruise? I would love to take my children on a cruise. I think it sounds such an exciting idea for a trip. Everyone I know who has done this has said it is just amazing and that their kids really enjoyed the experience. I do hope I can make this happen for my kids, [ 348 more words ]

10 happy things

10 SUPER happy things from my week

How Debt Management Plans Can Help

How Debt Management Plans Can Help For many first time mothers, dealing with financial difficulties following the birth of their first child is going to happen. Being prepared for the worst is something which can be beneficial in the long term. Having a child is not cheap. The first year alone is estimated to cost new parents upwards of £5,000, which is often the result of racking up big balances on credit cards and overdrafts. [ 444 more words ]

How to help your baby enjoy music without breaking the bank? - baby budgeting

Babies should be exposed to music a early aspoible. The right songs and sounds can be soothing, help babies understand rhythm, teach them how to rhyme and even how to speak. Many parents interested in buying musical toys to help their infants feel the benefits of music. However, many of these toys are quite expensive and buying expensive toys is not an option for everyone. [ 430 more words ]

Myth: I don’t need life insurance protection, as I don’t work - baby budgeting

If you’re a stay-at-home mum or dad and don't earn a salary, you might think that you simply don’t need life cover. Many people assume that life insurance is designed just to protect against the loss of the family breadwinner? After all, they pay the mortgage, household bills and living costs each month. Right? WRONG! A stay-at-home parent makes an enormous, often underestimated contribution, both practically and financially and should be protected too. [ 196 more words ]

Which Mental Health Conditions Cause the Most Financial Recklessness? - baby budgeting

Millions are affected on a daily basis by a plethora of mental health conditions that make even the most basic tasks challenging. From anxiety and depression to obsessive-compulsive disorder and addiction, hundreds of unique conditions may exist individually or in conjunction with one another. This can cause a variety of unique challenges that make it difficult to function in everyday life. [ 804 more words ]

10 free and low cost ways to market your business

10 free and low-cost ways to market your business from the awesome life and business coach Grace Marshall

Florida on a budget - how to save some money on your vacation

Florida on a budget? Here's how to save some money Given how popular Florida is among tourists, you might assume that taking your own trip there would be quite a pricey endeavour. However, it doesn't strictly need to be - as long as you plan that sojourn cleverly. From booking the hotel through to travelling between attractions in the Sunshine State, you can save money at various stages - here are some examples of how. [ 639 more words ]

Family energy saving resolutions for 2018 - baby budgeting

Our family intentions in 2018 are to save energy - do you have any green goals for the new year

LOL surprise pets unwrapping

The new LOL Surprise PETS LOL Surprise

A Wishing Tree Craft Activity for New Year - a lovely nature craft

A super simple and really lovely nature craft idea for the whole family to see in the New Year

Make Your Caring Personality Work For You - By Working With It! - baby budgeting

We all know that being a parent is the most rewarding, yet one of the most difficult and underpaid jobs in the world! Perhaps you feel the time has come to get back out into the workforce and put your newly acquired parenting skills into practice? Maybe you are merely looking for something different to do on your return to work and feel this may be the perfect time to try something new? [ 1,471 more word ]

Frugal Living Resolutions to Live by in 2018 - baby budgeting

Easing your spending isn’t an easy task, especially if you’re used to burning through cash whenever it enters your hands. Whether it’s because you love purchasing collectables or because you have a lot of bills to pay, we often run out of money incredibly quickly and it’s mostly due to the way many of us approach our finances. Financial security is, sadly, not on everyone’s minds. [ 982 more words ]

Family energy saving resolutions for 2018 - baby budgeting

Our family energy-saving resolutions for 2018 - what would you add? EDF Energy

Family energy saving resolutions for 2018

There is a lot I want to do to save money next year and I have a number of resolutions I want to put into place. But, as well as saving money, I want my whole family much more conscious of our energy usage. Yes, energy costs money and keeping bills low is important but I am increasingly mindful that the earth is a finite resource and I firmly believe we all have to be aware of protecting it and encourage our children along that pathway too. [ 914 more words ]

A Wishing Tree for New Year - baby budgeting

A sweet and simple New years craft for the whole family ( with thanks to Cathy James for inspiring me)

National Geographic Kids Weird But True! 2018 Annual ( plus a 50% off code for the website )

National Geographic Kids Weird But True Oh, the excitement in my house because we have been sent a copy of National Geographic Kids Weird But True! 2018 Annual to review. My kids have been receiving the National Geographic Kids magazine for a few years now and they really love it. It is entertaining and interesting and full of brilliant facts about animals and the world. [ 308 more words ]

How I Raise my Babies on a Budget by Eliza from My Everything Beautuful

Our guest post this week is from lifestyle and parenting blogger Eliza from My Everything Beautiful How I raise my children on a budget? First of all, I would like to thank Becky from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to guest post for her awesome blog. She also posted another article about me which you can find… [ 705 more words ]

Win a gorgeous reversible single duvet cover for your child

I love this duvet set so much I want them to do a big king sized bed version for my site. Isn't it just absolutely gorgeous! In stylish monochrome, the duvet has fabulous jungle prints on one side and the great ROAR pillow and on the other side? Oh, it is all stars ... Isn't that just lovely? They would go with any decor, are gender neutral and so sweet. [ 147 more words ]

Why I wrote my will this week and a 30% discount for you

I wrote my will this week. I am in my mid-forties and both my parents heartbreakingly passed away in their 60's, and it makes me nervous I suppose for my own life. I have been thinking about writing my will for a really, really long time and finally got the push I needed when Farewill asked me if I would like to review and experience their service. [ 665 more words ]

Nursery Baby