2 chances to win an L.O.L Surprise Doll

Win an L.O.L Surprise L.O.L Surprise! is the collectable craze in the UK, as the ultimate unboxing toy is combined with the anticipation of surprise, it’s no surprise it has sold out across the UK! Much like unwrapping a gift, watch the excitement build as each of the 7 layers reveal a different surprise, including emoji sticker, accessory, and finally their hero - a L.O.L Surprise! [ 143 more words ]


How to make real money from home

There are loads of ways to make money from home if you know how, so there is little wonder that a lot of people are turning to these methods to pick up a bit of extra cash. Trying to budget around bills and food shopping costs is becoming increasingly hard, so whether you are currently working or not, anything extra that can be picked up work wise is always a welcome addition. [ 637 more words ]


5 Second Rule Review

We have been playing 5 second rule this week in our house and it is so addictive! Loving this board game from University Games, it has been made so popular by celebs playing it on The Ellen Show and now you can play it yourself. Basically you have to answer a question at lightening fast speed within 5 seconds. Sounds super easy doesn't it..well its really not I promise you. [ 259 more words ]


Letts Revision

Love Letts

Hatchimal Colleggtibles ( basically Hatchimal babies! )

Oh my goodness Hatchimal CollEGGtibles are so cute https://youtu.be/awg18isj2VA Hatchimals

Surprise Smiggle Haul Unboxing

A surprise parcel from Smiggle and we had no idea what was inside!

Free Things to Do in Sardinia

Sardinia has the reputation of a glamorous Italian getaway, but even budget travellers will find plenty to see and do. Here are a few free things to get started with. Hit the beach The first thing to do in Sardinia also happens to be one of its biggest draws. Most visitors flock to Sardinia hoping to spend a good portion of time soaking up the Mediterranean sun on the island’s plentiful beaches. [ 348 more words ]


LOL Surprise Unwrapping

Oh how we love these! L.O.L Surprise unwrapping - so much fun LOL Surprise UK

5 savvy ways to save money at the supermarket #5frugalthings

Scuse the wibbly wobbly video - new phone and just getting the hang of it! How was your week - was it frugal? Pin this image on Pinterest follow As always, we’d love you to join in with us by sharing what frugal and thrifty things you’ve been up to this week – whether it’s an Instagram picture (#5frugalthings), a blog post or even a video. [ 108 more words ]


Surviving the Family Holiday

Family holidays are fun, but they aren't going to be peaceful journeys but I think the majority of parents know that already. Whether you're going to a holiday park, a skiing trip, a journey abroad of just a day out to the beach you should expect things to be a little difficult at times. Family holidays even with all the planning in the world probably won't run smoothly, but that doesn't mean you need to get angry or feel down. [ 597 more words ]


Three Ways to Make Money from Your Spare Space

As you know raising a family is not cheap, so anything you can do to bring more money in is always worth investigating. Most of us take lots of little steps to improve our family finances. For example, using vouchers for days out, buying groceries in bulk and waiting for the sales to make big purchases. All of which are important and effective ways to save money. [ 467 more words ]


Fantastic Hobbycraft pompom kit just £1 !

A fantastic pompom animal kit to make 3 animals from Hobbycraft for just £1! https://youtu.be/46S3Z-3Dsyo

5 thrifty supermarket shopping tips

5 fantastic ways to save on your supermarket shop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRDS5ZiUzgk

Growing Family

Her's what you should be planting now !

Why we should do more on Fathers Day

Why we should do more on Father’s Day I always feel Mother’s Day is a massive deal don’t you ? It seems to be talked about for weeks and weeks, kids make cards in school and crafts, shops are full of ideas for gifts and florist work overtime. When it comes to Father’s Day it often seems very low key in comparison. [ 369 more words ]


The benefits of DIY when it comes to interior decorating

The interior décor of your home speaks volumes about you and your family. It is a great way to express your personality, and give your artistic flair a chance to shine through. That being the case, why do so many of us settle for magnolia-painted walls and anonymous soft furnishings? Often, we delegate the task to others, simply calling in a team of interior decorators, either through lack of time, ideas or confidence in doing the job ourselves. [ 680 more words ]


Nature Craft Windows - Simple Parenting

If you are looking for something fun and thrifty to do with your kids this weekend why not have a go at this - won't cost you a penny! http://simpleparenting.co.uk/nature-craft-windows/

How to make story stones - Simple Parenting

A simple thrifty play idea. How to make story stones http://simpleparenting.co.uk/how-to-make-story-stones/

Timeline Photos

How to make natural paint brushes. A simple nature craft, thrifty and fun! http://simpleparenting.co.uk/natural-paintbrushes/ #naturecrafts

Growing Family

Check out this FAB giveaway over at Growing Family

nature treasure box

How to make a nature treasure box - a lovely way to get kids outdoors and a lovely FREE activity #naturecraft

Roaming free: the end of European mobile charges abroad

Sun-cream? Check. Swimming costumes? Check. Ridiculously embarrassing floppy hat? Check. All the children accounted for and not pulling a Home Alone? Check. Going on holiday can sometimes feel less like a relaxing, sun-drenched escape and more like a military exercise in budgeting, clothes inventory and crowd control. There are so many costs to think about and plenty that you probably hadn’t even considered until your child grows out of their swimming costume… [ 428 more words ]


Fun and Interactive Sun Safety Resources to Educate Kids

We are a family of sun lovers ..all of us feel so much happier in the sunshine and cannot wait to get outside the minute it shows it's face. I have however had family members who have had skin cancer in the past and so I am very conscious of sun safety. On 6th June, Boots Soltan Sun Ready launched the brand new… [ 448 more words ]


Timeline Photos

Garden jobs for June - what are you up to in the garden this month? http://abeautifulspace.co.uk/garden-projects-for-june/

Tax-free childcare for self-employed parents – at last!

Childcare costs can be pretty overwhelming in today’s economic market, with many parents feeling that they instead have to take a lengthy career break to look after their children. For the self-employed, it can be even more of a strain as the previous tax-free childcare scheme ‘Employer-Supported Childcare’ wasn’t available to self-employed parents. But the government’s new childcare tax scheme is finally coming into effect, and it has been extended to include self-employed parents and carers. [ 556 more words ]


Beautiful and Stylish Ideas for Father’s Day

I am not normally a fan of personalised gifts for dad on Father's Day as I think they can sometimes look a little twee. I have however had my mind completely changed by this by the very gorgeous Maria Allen Boutique. I am so excited to show you their range of Fathers Day gift ideas and the items we chose to review for the children's daddy. [ 204 more words ]


Multi-Wear Summer Fashion

I like clothes that I can wear a multitude of ways and really get the best out of. I have been reviewing 3 items fromm JD Williams that I just love and I want to show you have they can transitional really easily into 3 different looks. The first item I want to show you is this really beautiful skirt in taupe chiffon… [ 203 more words ]


My money saving diary challenge

I was asked to have a go at a Money Saving Diary Challenge by Scottish Friendly I, like you, am always looking to find ways to cut costs and save money. I have several savings goals and they need to get firmly underway. I know saving goals can be overwhelming, particularly when you have a family. Small changes can make a BIG difference though and the idea of the money saving challenge was to spot what small changes I could make.WE have os mnay house repairs we need to save for and a big school trip my son wants to go on. [ 367 more words ]


Letts Revision

Yesterday I was over at Letts Revision Guides talking about how to help children manage the stress of GCSE's . I hope this proves helpful.

My thrifty half term #5frugalthings

The kids are still off here so I will keep this short and sweet Hope you have had a great week too specially if it's been half term with you As always, we’d love you to join in with us by sharing what frugal and thrifty things you’ve been up to this week – whether it’s an Instagram picture (#5frugalthings), a blog post or even a video. [ 114 more words ]


My thrifty half term

Here's what we have been up too, keeping it thrifty!

Science Sparks

Sucha fun and thrifty craft form Science Sparks

MIU water bottles & picnic blanket

MIU water bottles Miu stands for Make It Unique and MIU COLOUR are a fabulous online store selling everything from home décor and office supplies to kitchen appliances and outdoors/travel accessories. They say they are passionate about making your life easier, healthier, and just plain better. I was sent 3 of their fabulous droplet glass bottles (£14.99) to review and they have been a big hit in our house. [ 220 more words ]


Are men better savers than women ?

So who do you think are better savers...men or women? http://babybudgeting.co.uk/are-men-better-savers-than-women/

Jake Shoes

I have worn converse for years and years and at my last count I had about 10 pairs! Oh I love Converse; they are comfy, hard wearing and always very casually cool. My kids tend to live in bare feet or trainers and It was definitely time they both had a pair of Converse. Over at Jake Shoes you can find lots of fabulous brands of shoes for men women and kids and they kindly sent us a couple of pairs of Converse to review. [ 208 more words ]


Emotionally Healthy Kids

Have you heard of Baebox it is a fabulous subscription box for tweens . Here we are unboxing May's box!

Win a bunkbed from Room to Grow

Would you like to win a bunkbed ? Room to Grow have just launched a lovely competition to give away a bunk bed to one lucky family! Would you like to have a peek at the prize? Isn't it a beauty? It splits into two separate beds too so you get real flexibility. This bunk can also be converted to a Midsleeper or High Sleeper with the addition of a building kit. [ 190 more words ]

http://family-budgeting.co.uk/win-a-bunkbed-from-room-to-grow/ Room to Grow | Children's Bedroom Specialists

Bookkeeping Tips for a Busy Family

In the hectic schedule of most busy families, it’s easy to let budgeting and finances slip down the priorities list. Many people approach bookkeeping with dread, but getting the hang of a few basic principles can really help with family expenses. Here are a few tips to help you stay on top of bookkeeping, and have the peace of mind to know you’re getting the most out of your money. [ 528 more words ]


Tax Considerations When You’re About to Have a Baby

Life changes dramatically when a new baby arrives in the family. Quite apart from the shift in family dynamics due to the additional, demanding family member, it could mean one parent leaving work either on temporary leave or permanently to become a stay at home parent. Changing your working situation means changes in your tax situation, so it’s worth considering how those changes might affect you and what other things you could do to prepare. [ 585 more words ]


How to make your home more kid friendly

It’s something that many parents, especially first timers, sometimes neglect to do. In the beauty and chaos of raising a child, it’s easy to forget that as they grow older, their needs become more demanding. And when your home is one you’ve worked hard on to make it ideal for you and your partner, changing things can be difficult. Maybe you’re not even the one with kids, but some friends are visiting, and they’re bringing their child who you have no idea how to keep things safe for them. [ 437 more words ]


Tips for keeping your family safe inside your home

We all consider our homes to be the safest place for our children, but families are being urged to reduce accident risks to children around the home. Even though our homes may seem cosy and safe, research has shown that accidents in the home could be very dangerous—even fatal—for children. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) is pushing for increased awareness of the risk, having run an annual Family Safety Week since 2014. [ 845 more words ]


Timeline Photos

How to give back when you are on a budget http://babybudgeting.co.uk/give-back-when-you-are-on-a-budget/

Annabel Karmel baby budgeting

Annabel Karmel shares her BEST baby budgeting tips

Nursery Baby