Summer hols, student hairdressers and so much work! #5frugalthings

Hi everyone hope your week has been as frugal as is what I have been up to ('scuse the messy kitchen!) Over to you! As always, we’d love you to join in with us by sharing what frugal and thrifty things you’ve been up to this week – whether it’s an Instagram picture (#5frugalthings), a blog post or even a video. [ 113 more words ]

How to save time and money on home renovation

We all want to save time and money on home renovation. If you have ever stepped into the world of home renovation you will know how very time consuming it can be. Trying to find the right builders and plumbers and electricians to meet your needs, then working around their availability to even just come and give you a quote can take so long! [ 342 more words ]

The amazingly good value Amazon Fire 7

The Amazon Fire 7 Tablet is an incredible value for money device and costs just £49.99. An unbelievably good price. It has a huge variety of apps for family entertainment, games and education and I cannot recommend it enough. The new Amazon Fire 7 was only launched in June 2017 and we have been lucky enough to get our hands on one to review. [ 704 more words ] Amazon Appstore for Android #ad #AmazonApps #AmazonAppStore


A speedy little review for you today of a great value product I have trialled this week. The Wizmops system is a simple self-contained mopping system. It contains an attached, refillable 600mL bottle so you can use whichever cleaning fluid you like. I actually made my own floor spray (always thrifty ) by using this recipe here at Wellness Mama… [ 113 more words ]

Great days out for car-crazy kids

Are your kids mad about cars? Do your little ones have a huge collection of matchbox cars, buses and trucks? Perhaps your teenagers have a passion for motor racing? If the answer is yes, then organising a family day out with something car related in the mix is an absolute must. We all know that taking kids around a National Trust property is a tad idealistic. [ 687 more words ]

Jacamo Review

I love to dress my OH but I don't often get the chance. Neither of us are too big on going shopping., we would much rather be int he garden or swimming or at he movies with the kids. Online shopping is definitely our best option and if we can get everything form just the one online store that is even better. [ 300 more words ]

Be My Bear Review

WE were so excited to be doing a Be My Bear review. Have you head of Be My Bear ? Be My Bear are build anywhere no sew bear making kits and they are FANTASTIC! Oh my goodness it is the cutest idea. We are long term fans of Build a Bear but it can be a bit pricey and this..well this is a wonderful alternative and one you can do yourself, anywhere. [ 312 more words ]

Arla Oragnic and Free Range Milk

Arla recently conducted some research that revealed Britain’s Mums and Dads aren’t always clear what it means to buy organic versus free range milk. Do you know the difference? My 10 year old was unsure what organic was though had some concept of free range as we buy free range eggs. Free range We are family of animal lovers and the fact Arla Organic milk is free range is something we love. [ 305 more words ]

Salute to the lionesses

Good luck to the #lionesses in Euro 2017. Let's all #salute for women's football! BritMums

Money blogger profile: Baby Budgeting - UK Money Bloggers

My money blogger profile with a shout out to Skint Dad The Diary of a Frugal Family and Emma and 3 - Parenting and Family Blog

My NHS experience

Have you ever made a claim for medical negligence? I haven't but I have come close to considering it. A number of years ago I became really breathless and felt absolutely rubbish. I saw various GPs over the course of many months who diagnosed me with a variety of ills ranging form panic attacks to stress to blood pressure problems. [ 449 more words ]

5 thrifty travel tips #5frugalthings

Hello How's your week been? Has it been thrifty and frugal? Mine hasn't! My son is going on a school trip to Italy and oh the things we have had to buy! However I have been trying to think thrifty where're possible in my pursuit of buying him all he needs her are 5 thrifty things I have done I have borrowed rather than bought where possible. [ 225 more words ]

Mastering the Backyard BBQ: Hints for Hosting an Epic Outdoor Affair

People live for summer. It’s the time kids are off of school, the weather allows for more activity, and people are generally more social. It’s also a time for outdoor gatherings, whether it be at the beach, backyard, or local park. The backyard BBQ allows for more privacy and good times with friends. Here’s how to prepare a backyard bash that will make you the talk of the town. [ 727 more words ]

The potential value of home renovation

Over the last couple of year we have really outgrown our home. My work form home business has taken off and a corner of the kitchen to work in is no longer enough. The children are heading into their teens and my my daughter teeny bedroom is just not big enough. We need to make some significant changes. But what should those changes be, [ 327 more words ]

The new Skin collection from Swatch

I love nice watches and Swatch have always been one of my favourite brands. I love their innovations, the colours and patterns of these iconic watches and the fun element of a Swatch watch as well as the practicality. Last week I was invited to pop into the Swatch shop in Nottingham and have look at their new Skin collection. … [ 250 more words ]

The E-Cigarette: Helping the UK Quit Smoking

Whatever your opinion on vaping, it’s difficult to deny the positive effect that e-cigarettes have had on many people’s lives. With over half of the UK’s 2.9 million e-cigarette users having given up tobacco completely, it seems that e-cigarettes are here to stay. Unfortunately, e-cigarettes in the UK are still fighting against false claims that they are just as harmful as tobacco cigarettes. [ 627 more words ]

5 Signs That You Should Look For a New Job

Think it might be time to look for a new job? Not sure if it’s time for you to stay or go? Then read on to discover whether it’s time for you to be looking for a new opportunity. Back to work blues Do you suffer from the back to work blues? If so, then it might be time to search for a new job. [ 514 more words ]

Getting Girls into Football with SSE Wildcats sessions #SSEWildcats

The SSE Wildcats scheme is the perfect way for girls to get into football. The FA have a target of doubling girls’ participation in football by 2020. As part of that plan they are promoting girls only football initiatives this year including SSE Wildcats Girls’ Football Clubs. SSE Wildcats Girls’ Football Clubs provide girls with regular opportunities to play football and take part in organised sessions in a fun and engaging environment created exclusively for girls. [ 388 more words ] @SSE #SSEWildcats Nottinghamshire FA

Do watch powerful

FA SSE Wildcats Girl's Football Session

A really fun and inexpensive activity for girls age 5-11 just £2 a session Nottinghamshire FA

Persil powergems review

I have been reviewing Persil Powergems a fantastic new laundry product

Win a fabulous guitar shaped lunch box from Prezzybox

I have to admit I do have a bit of a thing for lunch boxes of all sorts and shapes and sizes and my children have had many. This one though is probably my absolute favourite EVER! How completely cool is this! My daughter has been rocking one of these to school each day this week and it does look just like a teeny tiny guitar case… [ 151 more words ]

Sostrene Grene Haul

My #5frugalthings this week were all from Søstrene Grene

eBay has an amazing new price match guarantee

As you know I do love a bargain and I often spend ages clicking from one shopping site to another searching for the lowest price. Well those days are over! eBay have just announced the launch of a Price Match Guarantee on more than 20,000 deals on its UK site. eBay is one of my favourite shopping channels for bargains and it has just got even better. [ 264 more words ]

Timeline Photos

Do you have unwanted Lego? Here is how to sell your Lego bricks by the bag load (you don't need sets!) l Zapper

How to sell your Lego with Zapper

Have you heard of Zapper? Zapper is a fantastic buying site where you can sell all manner of things you no longer want. Basically it is really simple, they buy your unwanted stuff with absolutely no hassle. You send them your stuff for free and they will send you cash in return. It's really that easy. So what do they buy? [ 205 more words ]

10 tips for a bridesmaid on a budget

A wedding ceremony is one of the most fascinating events in the life of each girl. Certainly, each bride dreams about a beautiful dress, an amazing ceremony, and a sweet honeymoon. However, all these things need a lot of money. Therefore, marriage is considered a very expensive event. Unfortunately, it can be costly not only for newlyweds but for guests too, especially for bridesmaids. [ 736 more words ]

Soundtrack to a happy life

Hmmm what would you add to my list? And what is your favourite?

The most dangerous place in the world to give birth #DrawingBreath

The maternal death rate is Sierra lwone is 100x that in the UK Chris Riddelll brings to life the realities of having a baby in Sierra Leone – one of the most dangerous places in the world to give birth. We can donate now to help save lives: #DrawingBreath Let's do something good today.

Must haves for your baby’s bedroom

Must haves for your baby’s bedroom When it comes to must haves for your baby’s bedroom it’s useful to look at ways to keep costs down and practical considerations high on the agenda. You can still aim for a beautiful and stylish bedroom too. It just requires a little planning. Changing tables A changing table that is also a chest of drawers like… [ 425 more words ]

How to get Fitted Wardrobes on Budget

Modern demands on society on storage and space pressures having a fitted built in wardrobe is becoming an ever more increasingly popular choice amongst home owners. However, with the recession and financial pressures post Brexit coming on us that are seeming to be endless, budgeting on redecorating and refurbishing our beloved homes is seeming to be in the essence. Firstly, let’s get this clear - some of us may consider a fitted wardrobe as just another wardrobe – it is not. [ 530 more words ]

perfect summer bathroom

Create the perfect summer bathroom competition

5 frugal fitness tips

So how have you been. I have been ...poorly , full of cold and struggling to stay on track with my healthy eating so I thought I would spend today-s post reminding you and me about how to stay healthy (on a budget) Water - free and fabulous Walking - free and fabulous Taking the stairs - free and fabulous… [ 226 more words ]

Handwriting practise starts at home

Among the founding principles of the UK’s Early Years curriculum, writing and drawing are symbolic behaviours in the development of children’s imagination. With parents encouraging dramatic play, talking and listening skills develop and form the basic narratives of reading and writing. Language development at your finger tips Language development can start with pre-writing skills such as making shapes with your fingers. [ 448 more words ]

New Windows: Money Saver or Money Waster?

Double glazing salesmen have a bad reputation of using pressuring sales techniques and jargon which can confuse people. It is important to know that most are not like this, but the bad ones tend to stand out a lot more than the ones who do a good job. Whether you’ve dealt with trustworthy tradesmen or not, you may have been told that you could “could save X amount on your energy bills per year”. [ 555 more words ]

Moving House: How To Keep Your Moving Costs Down

Moving to a new house is often thought to be one of the most stressful and tiring occasions in life. Not only is it physically and emotionally taxing, but moving can also exert a strain on your wallet. From the cost of conveyors and estate agents if you are looking to buy a house, to the removal company, you will have to shell out quite a bit of money. [ 489 more words ]

Save Money: Good Food

ITV’s Save Money: Good Food with Susanna Reid and Matt Tebbutt.

The programme offers plenty of money-saving tricks, savvy cooking ideas and thrifty kitchen tips that can help families save money on their food budget.

They would love to find a family with an active lifestyle for the new series. You can apply here!-

Want to know what fruit and veg is in season now - the lovely blog Growing Family tells us all

Are cruises an affordable family holiday?

The time of year has come again for the annual family holiday. I’m all for doing something different and encouraging the kids to enjoy experiences that are entirely new to them, but for one reason or another cruising just doesn’t ever cross my mind. Cruise holidays seem to have a reputation as being outdated and expensive – especially if you’re taking 3 or 4 little ones along for the ride with you. [ 457 more words ]

Win a pink Nordic duvet set from Room to Grow

I have a real weakness for nice bedding, it just makes a bedroom I think and it makes me smile. I was absolutely delighted to be sent this beautiful set to review from Room to Grow. My daughter is a huge wildlife fan and just loves animals so this hare duvet set was perfect for her room. The silver Hares and duck egg blue trees are absolutely stunning. [ 156 more words ]

Micro Sprite Scooter Review - a perfect first 2 wheeler scooter from Micro Scooters

First two wheeler scooter - the awesome Micro Sprite from Micro Scooters UK

Why Maternity Tights Are a Lifesaver for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy can be one of the most wild and emotional times of your life – apart from the physical changes that your body experiences, pregnancy also affects your hormones. This leads to rapid changes in your body which in turn means that your wardrobe has to change alongside it. Tight clothing or feeling uncomfortable in what you are wearing can be extremely irritating and even unsafe for your unborn child. [ 808 more words ]

Build a Bear Pokémon Eevee

Oh my! It's Build-a-Bear Pokemon Eevee Build-A-Bear Workshop Build a Bear Pokémon Eevee

Lovely on a budget

Fantastic tips on how to look lovely on a budget

Nursery Baby