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Win a Smiggle advent Calender -good luck everyone

Just one more day to go to win a Smiggle advent calendar on my blog!

Win a Learn and Groove Musical Mat from Leapfrog

Win a Learn and Groove Musical Mat from Leapfrog Oh activity toys are so important arent they for helping little ones witht heir corodination and to wear them out int he process. This one is so entertaining too. The Learn & Groove™ Musical Mat has been designed especially for active toddlers. It has more than 50+ songs and phrases and 3 different ways to play. [ 145 more words ]

Top tips for how to make sending your festive gifts stress-free

Today - Top tips for how to make sending your festive gifts stress-free No matter how beautiful and wonderful, Christmas can easily become a very stressful and busy time of year, especially with little ones to think about. The pressure of making sure that your festive gifts reach your loved ones before the big day, especially if they don’t live in the same area as you, is a worry that most of us experience every year. [ 394 more words ]

Will Writing with family members in mind

We all have prized possessions and beloved family members, which is why there’s no arguing the importance of having a will to protect both in the event of your death. Still, there are thousands of incidents each year in which a family member has passed and relatives are left to interpret vague or outdated requests, struggling to inherit possessions or financial aid that would have been intended by the deceased. [ 912 more words ]

How to sell your engagement ring (bit of a sad one this- or possibly a lucky escape?)

Yankee Candle Holiday Party Christmas Advent Calendar

Black Friday deal of the day event at Amazon. Yankee candle advent calendar £9.99 (usual price £24.99)

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Toys R Us Money Saving Tips Tricks and Hacks

Money saving tips, tricks and hacks at Toys''R''Us

10 top tips to save money on Black Friday

Are you looking for tips to save money on Black Friday? Well, if you are you have come to the right place because I have 10 top tips for you. Some involve practical actions that you can take and some are about checking your mindset and being prepared. Hope they help! Have a Black Friday shopping list - Before you do any sales shopping it is a really smart idea to have a wish list or shopping list of some sort in front of you. [ 689 more words ] #savvysquad

A Christmas gift guide for tween girls - ideas for awesome tweens

A Christmas gift list for strong fun fabulous tween girls - full of creative, interesting and inspiring gift ideas including Smiggle Rebel Girls PersonalisedGifts and so much more

Win a collection of Paddington books

Win a collection of Paddington books Are you a fan of Paddington bear? I have adored him since I was a little girl and oh that first movie..wasn't it just brilliant? Have you seen the new Paddington movie yet? We cannot wait - we have sheard such good things about it and oh how we loved the first one. We have the BEST compertition for Paddington lovers here today, one lucky reader has the chance to win a collection of 5 Paddington books. [ 129 more words ]

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls Review and amazing giveaway

WIN this fab book - so inspiring 100 stories of amazing women

Top vlogging tips - 3 top tips and tricks to get your vlogs SEEN!

So this week I was really lucky and got to attend someFAB training at YouTube. Here are the 3 best tips I took away from the session for increasing your vlog views. Hope they help you (and me!)

Top Tips for Saving Money on Your Kids’ Christmas Gifts This Year

Whether you are buying for teenagers or toddlers, getting Christmas gifts for your children, nephews, nieces, or other younger relatives can be an expensive business. With the price of toys and games on the rise and trending products always in high demand, making sure that your little ones’ faces light up on Christmas morning can come at a large financial cost. [ 482 more words ]

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls Review and Giveaway

Good night stories for rebel girls is a marvellous book. 'In an ideal world, not only would mothers read this aloud to their daughters, but teachers would read it to schoolboys' Sunday Times My daughter and I loved this books so much. My daughter is 10 and it is so wonderful to her to read about a myriad of women who are just wonderfully rebellious. [ 324 more words ]

A Fantatsic Christmas Gift for £3

So how would you like to create a fantastic Christmas gift for £3? Think it's not possible? Think it won't be that special? Well, think again, because this is really fabulous, super speedy and uber easy. First we popped to Flying Tiger and bought a clip frame A4 size for £3. Then we jumped on over to Diary of a frugal family… [ 181 more words ] featuring Cass Bailey

Win a Smiggle advent Calender -good luck everyone

Who wants to win a Smiggle advent calender - pop over to baby budgeting!

Win a Smiggle advent Calender

Win a Smiggle advent Calender Oh yes we have spent this weekend unboxing the Smiggle advent Calender. I will not show you what's in it on thispage because I don't want to spoil it for anyone but it is really truly FANTASTIC. Packed with gooodies and such a treat for all Smiggle lovers. What do we love about Smiggle? Oh so much, the products are always bright and fun. [ 137 more words ]

15 Fabulous Tips for a Thrifty Christmas - baby budgeting

Before you start splurging- here is how to keep it thrifty at Christmas

A parents dream advent calender -a calender to make every parent smile!

What would be inside your dream advent calender..I know what I want in mine

Whether you would like to win pamper pack or toy box we have 2 great competitions on the blog today

11 tips on successful car boot sales (it's not too cold!)

Budget makeover ideas for a child’s room

Budget makeover ideas for a child’s room Children spend a lot of time hanging out in their bedrooms, especially as they get older and want more space to themselves or to have friends over to hang out. It is important a child loves their bedroom and that it grows with them. They grow so fast though, don’t they! It can be hard to keep up. [ 516 more words ]

The Be Kind campaign and FREE Smiggle band for anti-bullying week - YouTube

How to get your free Smiggle band and support the Be Kind campaign

Morning thrifty folk. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? If you have do you create a set budget for gifts?

Win a complete pamper pack in time for Christmas

Win a complete pamper pack in time for Christmas How would you like to win a complete pamper pack in time for Christmas ? It would make such a lovely gift wouldn't it but equally it would be absolutely lovely to keep this to yourself and get your self all gorgeously glowing before the party season starts. Oh I do love to have a luxurious bath and a face mask It so refreshing/relaxing and invigorating all at the same time. [ 129 more words ]

The Move Back To Play Time

The Move Back To Play Time Times have changed and our children are growing up in a completely different environment than the one we did. While we spent a great deal of time outdoors running around and being free, our children are spending more time indoors being entertained by screens or having their day jam-packed with activities. Though, we are slowing waking up to the repercussions of our busy, digital existence. [ 616 more words ]

A guide to the many milestones of Christmas money management

A guide to the many milestones of Christmas money management Christmas is the annual beast that can make some feel overwhelmed. You know you need to buy the food, get the gifts, and trim the tree, but you always seem to end up in a mid-December panic, when you have no time or money to make the day feel as special as it should. [ 205 more words ]

5 Steps To Cheaper Heating Bills This Winter - Baby Budgeting

Hope these tips help you save money on your heating

Mum and Dad are Europe’s Biggest Spenders

Mum and Dad are Europe’s Biggest Spenders Well, it’s official! With an annual average cost per child of $438, Mum and Dad are spending more on you and your family than parents in any other nation in Europe. Christmas remains the biggest expenditure of the year, but with a growing trend to hire entertainers for children’s parties, British parents are now spending more than our US cousins at birthdays, too. [ 145 more words ]

Free Christmas gift ideas - for a fabulous and thrifty Christmas

Before you start your Christmas shopping I have 5 FREE gift ideas for you!

straightforward penison advice and a find my pension service

How to find missing pensions Profile Pensions

Nursery Toy Box Giveaway

Nursery Toy Box Giveaway How would you like to enter this great Toy Box giveaway. This such a great prize for any time of the year but with Christmas looming it would make such a great gift for your own family or friends with little ones. This gorgeous Toy Box is from Kiddies Kingdom. It is the perfect storage for kids, bright fun illustrations, good quality and a little seat area too. [ 149 more words ] Kiddies Kingdom

How to Design a Shared Kid’s Playroom and Family Room

How to Design a Shared Kid’s Playroom and Family Room During summer, families prefer to spend most of their time outdoors, paying in the backyard and walking to the park. However, when it’s fall, and winter lies around the corner, families have to spend more time indoors. In such cases, the family also serves as a kid’s playroom. The wisest thing to do is design the family room to also serve as a kid’s playroom as well. [ 484 more words ]

Getting Over Jesse Franklin

5🌟 reviewed Getting Over Jesse Franklin by @imcountingufoz FREE on #Kindle til Friday. So LOVED this book..why dont you treat yourself now and save it for a rainy day

Download it here:

Teen Breathe Review- refreshing new magazine for teens

Teen Breathe Review - a brilliant, refreshing NEW and intelligent magazine for teens - Teen Breathe

Bonfire night party food - yummy chocolate sparklers

How to make chocolate sparklers - really, really simple

Nursery Baby